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About Jill and Dan Johnson

Dan and Jill Johnson believe in the power of unconditional laughter to heal our bodies and our spirits, to de-stress and to create community. Jill is a yoga teacher and a certified cardiac and cancer yoga therapist. And Dan is a Certified Laughter Coach with The Levity Institute’s Certified Laughter Coach Training Program. Jill and Dan live in South Dakota where Jill is co-owner of a yoga studio, and Dan is a life coach and massage therapist. They’re owners of Joyful Living, a business that brings more joy to your personal and business life through laughter!

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Video Transcript

From To Description
00:01 02:59 Introduction:
03:21 13:07 Presentation Demos: Strong Introductions;Examples: Jill’s and Dan’s 5min Presentations
13:08 27:58 Tools That Will Help You Give a Outstanding Presentation:Creating an Emotional Connection; Enhancing Your Stage Presence; Developing Your Story and Leading Your Audience to the Point; Asking Effective Questions; Flexibility; Wrapping Up and Reviewing Key Points
27:59 29:22 Wrap-up: Affirmations Exercise
29:23 33:11 Questions and Comments:

  • Appropriate pausing
  • Do you ever use PowerPoint?
  • Drawbacks to Relying on Technologies and PowerPoint
  • How long should your presentation be until you get into the laughter?

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I highly recommend it

Jörg Helms, Portugal
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Trained nearly 500 L.Y. Leaders

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One of the best and most useful online courses i have been through

Sahar Moussly
Author, Master Behavioural Coach
Dubai, UAE

My repertoire quadrupled

Salimah Kassim-Lakha, Canada
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
Since 2009

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An incredible opportunity

Nihat Tsolak, England
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Since 2010

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A great resource

Matty O’Shea, USA
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Since 2011

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“You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge”

Dennis Stalvey, Senior Chaplain
Magnolia Manor Nursing Center, Americus, Georgia, USA